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AAchera – Ready to wear

Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter if you will, refers to clothes that are made in standard sizes and sold in finished conditioned. This is as compared to tailor-made or bespoke garments that are constructed to a particular person’s shape and size. For the most part, ready-to-wear clothes are factory-made.

AAchera is a great example of a brand that concentrates on ready to wear all while maintaining the luxury aesthetic. The label was founded in 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya by Annesofie Achera. The brand has captured the eye of many Kenyans and Africans for that matter due to the vibrant and contemporary designs it produces.

By glance at the variety and vast pieces by AAchera, it is clear where the design inspos comes from; nature and the richness of the African culture. The choice of fabric that goes into the designs is very deliberate. We’re talking about our beloved ankara, silk, chiffon,.. basically a touch of sophistication everywhere.

Sometimes read- to-wear comes with a negative connotation that the garment may not be of the best quality. AAchera is demystifying this by producing high quality pieces. The bold and adventurous woman does not have to look far when wanting to find distinctive clothing, AAchera has got it all.

It is notable to mention that the brand has over the years participated and featured on some international showcases and exhibitions.

Thank you for embodying ready-to-wear the African luxe way.

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