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In economics, a luxury good is defined as an item for which demand increases as income of an individual increases (I’m sure you can think of your own personal examples right away). When it comes to fashion, the ‘luxury’ definition is ever-changing. One thing is certain though,  the definition goes beyond high prices and labels.

Today, luxury does not only refer to the ‘richness’ meaning, but goes beyond to include, exclusiveness, extra-ordinariness and craftsmanship.

In the past year or so, i have come to appreciate all the above when it comes to fashion and lifestyle in the continent, thanks to dabbling in the industry. I wanted to share my appreciation with the masses hence the birth of this blog/website.

I will be curating the trendiest fashion houses, brands, designer profiles and luxury destinations on the continent.

What are some brands you would like to see showcased? Let me know. Don’t be shy to leave a comment!

Stay luxe,

Christine O.


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