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Get ready for AFI Fashion Week

Welcome back to Luxe Edit!

It is such an honour to revive, restart and engage with you on this platform. Luxe Edit continues to be the destination and information portal for African fashion and lifestyle brands.

Our first story is about an exciting event; The AFI Fashion Week 2020.

Africa Fashion International (AFI) is the gateway to African fashion. Through the years (10 years to be precise), the company has succeeded in placing African fashion on the global stage through their world-class lifestyle and marketing events. One major event is the annual Fashion Week event.

Each year, hundreds, if not thousands of fashionistas gather in Cape Town, South Africa,to experience the best of African fashion. The AFI Fashion Week serves as a marketplace, showcase and classroom.

There is an offer of masterclasses which offer classes in the business of fashion, There are the most colourful fashion shows with both seasoned and up-coming designers showcasing the best of their collections, and there are dozens of designers selling their apparel and accessories. Designers such as Laduma, Maxhosa and ShweShwekini are some of the designers we look forward to seeing on the runway.

AFI Fashion Week is a must attend for all serious fashionistas. A chance to experience the best our fashion scene has to offer and mingle with the movers and shakers of the industry.

It will be happening between the 12th and 14th of March at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and if if you didn’t know, you heard it here first 😉


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