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Hanifa – Pink Label Congo

Hanifa is the lovechild of Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba. Many people found out about the brand just this weekend after the launch of its latest collection using 3D models via Instagram live. You might say that the whole virtual catwalk could be a preview of what the world’s catwalks will look like post the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Anifa Mvuemba

The Pink Label Congo collection albeit a small one, features colourful and vibrant tops, dresses and a pants set. Anifa says that the collection was inspired by the gentleness, beauty, history, poise, majesty, strength, power, and hope of the Congolese spirit. Congo is known for its rich natural resources as it boasts of vast deposits of industrial diamonds, cobalt, and copper. This has caused constant civil unrest and war as both its inhabitants and international powers battle to dominate these resources.  Still, the men and women of Congo show up standing tall in their prowess. It is this that inspired Anifa to create this collection, hoping that those who wear her clothes can show up and stand tall regardless of all situations.

All the pieces of the collection are named after items that are affiliated with the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Kinshasa, made with the history of Congo in mind.


Zaire is made with the poise of Congo in mind.

Orilie top, is made with the majesty and strength of Congo in mind

Clearly the collection has been a labour of love; It took 7 months to create. “It is my reminder that with hard work + prayer, ANYTHING you imagine can come to life.” Anifa says.

20% of the Colette T-shirts will support Congolese families against illegal coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Stay Luxe.

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