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Haute Baso – A vehicle for change

Haute Baso is a fashion brand born and bred in Rwanda. One look at its designs and you clearly see the thoughtfulness that goes into the timeless products. Luxe Edit is all about sustainable brands so it’ about time we delve into how Haute Baso promotes sustainable fashion.

Haute Baso was established in 2014 by two Rwandan designers and began with four female artisans. Since then, the number of artisans has grown to 275, 202 of them being women. For far too long, the empowerment of women and youth in Africa has remained back-burnered, but one thing is clear; as a continent, we will not develop economically without this form of empowerment. Haute Baso has recognized this and has made sure to provide women and the youth gainful employment and within a safe environment. There is no tool for development more effective then the empowerment of women.

The brand goes all out in preserving traditional Rwandan culture by using traditional craftsmanship methods, collaborated with modern techniques. Almost all pieces created are handmade. Crafts such as sewing, weaving, hand embroidery and beading are all used to create the beautiful, ready to wear fashion apparel and accessories. One interesting technique is the Imigongo. Imigongo  is a traditional Rwandan technique that involves putting cow dung on wooden boards in geometrical shapes, then painting them.

We look forward to the continuity of the positive value chain that Haute Baso produces.

Stay Luxe.

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