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Ikiré Jones – Clothing for a higher calling

Contrary to popular belief, Ikiré Jones is not a single individual, but is the dreamwork of two artists Walé Oyéjidé (Creative Director) and Sam Hubler (Head Tailor). I guarantee you have come across an Ikiré Jones design without even knowing it. The design house’s most recent accolade is having featured in a special scene in currently the world’s most esteemed film; Black Panther. In one of the movie’s most pivotal scenes, the main character, King T’challa (played by Chadwick Boseman) adorns an Ikiré Jones scarf.

Pivotal Scene in Black Panther featuring an Ikiré Jones Design


The two, Walé and Sam have been described as artists with a zeal for creating beautiful things that sit to the left of what has been resignedly accepted as the status quo. Walé, a Nigerian, describes having the calling to use design as a vehicle for social change.  “I’ve discovered the importance of providing representation for the marginalized members of our society, and the importance of telling the most vulnerable among us that they no longer have to compromise themselves just so they can fit in with an uncompromising majority.” Ikiré Jones was born to tell stories of Africa. Not the often misguided perceptions of the continent, but those of joy, triumph and beauty.

Walé and Sam

It is very clear  through the beautiful Ikiré Jones design that luxury is not an Eurocentric concept but has been an active African activity. From scarves, to jackets, to shirts, African luxury is obviously displayed in these designs, full of colur, pomp and exhibiting glory!

Ikiré Jones is the epitome of African Luxury. A brand that is not only extremely aesthetically pleasing, but shows how fashion can be re-imagined to be a driver of social consciousness.


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