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Sai Sankoh – The bolder the better

Sai Sankoh the brand is the eponymous of its designer and creator, a native of Sierra Leone. It is a game-changing fashion brand.


The brand oozes luxury, blending vintage and contemporary fashion. It is for the modern woman who is bold, daring and has a penchant for the finer things in life. Colour and prints are an intentional aspect of this brand; all pieces are striking and dashing.

The styles featured in the Sai Sankoh pieces are couture-inspired, constructed with the best quality fabrics. We’re talking the finest silks and chiffon. When Sai launched the line two years ago in 2018, the focus was mainly on kaftans and let me tell you they are drop dead gorgeous. They define luxury resort wear. Sai says that they can be worn up or down, though it’s difficult to see how you’ll appear to be “dressed down” in a Sai Sankoh kaftan. If you are one of those people who don’t really like to dip but prefer to lounge by the pool looking pretty, this is for you. Confidence is the only other accessory you’ll need.

The Sai Sankoh fashion house is a great example of how African fashion influences fashion in the western world. A couple of A-list celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Gabrielle Union and Beyoncé, have been spotted adorning the stunning designs. The brand  is penetrating the high-end part of the industry while using African resources.

Michelle Williams in Sai Sankoh

When asked what the future for Sai Sankoh looks like, Sai says she hopes to go back home and build a factory so as to empower the Sierra Leonian people.

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