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Wafrica – The 3rd Aesthetic

Wafrica is a stunning, true example of cultural exchange. Wafrica is a collection of kimonos that encapsulates African design on the traditional Japanese Kimono garment. Founded by Cameroonian Serge Mouangue, together with Kururi,  a Japanese kimono designer, the brand was developed in order to explore the similarities and differences between African and Japanese Cultures.

It is fascination at first sight coming across this brand. The designs are a combination of Africa’s colorful and striking patterns onto Japan’s traditional women’s garb. The Kimono is a traditional full-length robe that is worn by women to formal occasions and important festivals. In recent years, the kimono has depopularized with the Japanese women opting for western-styled clothing. These new styles and designs by Serge are a great surprise and have made their way to worldwide recognition.

Wafrica has gained major media attention and has been exhibited globally from Australia to Switzerland and even Kenya to Senegal.

The pieces are handcrafted from cotton sourced from Nigeria and Senegal. The colours are vivid, patterns imposing and the juxtaposition of both cultures outstanding!

Serge has clearly stated that the idea was not to merely make a fashion statement but to start a conversation about cultural identity. “It is about weaving two cultural identity stories together”. One must agree, that this has been done beautifully.

Explore more of Serge Mouangue’s Wafrica world here.

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