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Zizi Africa – Design meets Culture

The Zizi Africa brand fuses contemporary African design with functionality.

When you walk into the Zizi Africa workshop, You cannot help but be taken in by the beautiful mess before you. Tonnes of material lay before you and a cheerful leather master hard at work.

Zizi Africa makes some of the most pristine and luxurious bags in Africa. Albeit being only roughly a year old, Zizi  has already made its mark as a luxury brand. Ranging from satchels, Travel bags to totes, there is a piece for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Conception: Ideated by its Kenyan creative director Mary Musau, Zizi Africa has been a channel for art expression fueled by passion. Mary has no direct background in fashion design, but is fast proving to be one of the most gifted young ladies in our world of contemporary African designs.

Inspiration: Interacting with the bags, it is quite obvious that Zizi bags are  inspired by African  cultural heritage. Inspiration behind these designs comes from Mary’s own personal style and her  numerous travels around the African continent. Functionality also plays a major role in the designs and fabrics used. There is almost always a story behind each color combination, texture and fabric choice incorporated into a bag.

Techniques and Fabrications: All pieces are HANDCRAFTED with love. Leather is the prominent material used, and is of the the finest  selection that Kenya has to offer. African wax fabric sourced from countries such as Ghana and even Malian mud cloth is integrated in some bags. The most intricate bead-work is infused in a lot of the bags as a finishing touch.

One major part of the Zizi Africa brand is the social/ethical aspect. Zizi aims to make an impact on the socioeconomic status of the communities it works with, by offering men and women  alternative means of livelihood. Zizi employs both older generational and younger generational artisans in order to ensure craftsmanship and techniques are passed on from one generation to the next.

If you want to stand out, Zizi Africa is the brand for you. Regardless of whether you prefer a bold piece or lean towards minimalist designs, Zizi has got you!

Stay Luxe!

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